Tips for Getting Over the Fear of Public Speaking


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I see this over and over again — people say things like, “Oh, I could never share my story publicly”, or “I could never speak in front of an audience.” 

Maybe you say this to yourself…. and count yourself as one of those people. 

You’ve already convinced yourself you’ll never be able to tell your story to an audience because the fear is just too big, too enormous to overcome.

What’s happening here is you are putting the emphasis on your PERFORMANCE


Thoughts like, “What if I stumble or mess up” and “Will people even like me?” 

create a judgement framework from which you are operating. You are making the story all about you. This creates a lot of pressure, and Your fear of sharing publicly will only increase. It’s a vicious cycle.

Instead, what I encourage people to do is Learn to really tell your story from a place of embodiment. When you approach it with an intention to help/serve others…. to teach, connect. inspire, impart wisdom — You tap into a bliss that arouses pure joy. 

You are taking the emphasis off YOU — and putting it on how your story might help someone else. 

Learning to share stories from this embodiment framework is the LIGHT I speak of so often at LightBeamers. When you share your story from this perspective, you truly will shine a light.

To help you move from the judgement framework to the embodiment framework — ask yourself these questions: 

1) Why do you want to share the story? What is the intention?

2) Can you find an emotional turning point. Where did you experience a transformation that is meaningful? Learning to share your story in an emotional way will allow your audience to connect deeper to it. 

3) Are you allowing your internal judge/critic to call the shots? Are you letting your fear stop you from telling this story? Shut that critic and judge up -- because the story isn't about you.

4) What's in this for your audience? What do you want them to walk away feeling, knowing? How can your story be used to teach, inspire, or connect with those who will hear it.

Use these questions as a quick gut check. 

Don’t let fear win on this one. 

Stories are such a powerful way for you to build connection with your audience, and serve them in important ways….. so don’t stop yourself short just because of fear. 

Your story is important— as it is rich with experiences and lessons that offers tremendous value to others. So think about your own story today and consider how you can show up a little more boldly to share it!


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