There is no starting line EP: 038

podcast Jun 09, 2021

Are you waiting for that perfect moment to start something? Have you painted an imaginary starting line that’s supposed to mark just the right point in your life to begin doing what you’ve always wanted to do?

So many of us (myself included!) believe we should first get to a starting line — where everything is all lined up and completely ideal — before we work on a project or pursue a goal.

My friend, I’m here to burst that bubble and tell you: there is NO STARTING LINE.

I invite you to listen to this episode as I share with you:

  • The difficulty I had in launching this podcast because of unfounded fears I kept listening to in my head
  • What starting lines look like to different people
  • How to bring about a paradigm shift by rephrasing your big goals, and acknowledging small accomplishments that will get you to your ultimate win

Beginning today, work on eliminating those starting lines that aren’t supposed to be there. Do something every day that will get you to where you want to go, no matter how small that action is. Give yourself permission to start now. 

As author Ron Kaufman said: “The starting point is always now. The end is up to you.”


Today’s 5-star podcast review is from FlameRetardant:
Pure inspiration for female entrepreneurs
Starting a business as a woman is no small feat and we don’t always have our own personal cheering squad. This podcast is a great resource for reminding yourself you are not alone and the entrepreneurs you admire started somewhere too. April is such a good interviewer and speaker, I could listen all day.

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