The Story in Your Head


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There are 2 different kinds of stories; There’s the real story of what you really want to get out into the world…. then there’s another story that’s holding you back.

This 2nd story is the one that plays in your head and plays dirty tricks on you. It tells you things in order to hold you back and keep you from sharing the first story….. the one that matters.

The story that’s playing in your head is background noise and sometimes it gets really, really loud.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

That story usually sounds something like this:

“What will others think?”

“My story isn’t good enough”

“Nobody will listen”

“My story is boring”

“It’s a jumbled up mess in my head, I wouldn’t even know where to begin”

“People will think I’m trying to brag or get attention”

“If I tell the real story, it will reveal all of my imperfections”

Do any of these sound familiar?
Are some of those stories playing in your head and playing tricks on you?

Almost every client I work with has at least one or more of these stories playing in their head — even when we sit down to do an interview, they’ll often make a remark like, “My story really isn’t that special”…..

I’ve seen this over and over in my career…. people just like you who are selling themselves short because of some stupid story playing in their head and keeping them from playing big…. keeping them from really owning their story and harnessing the real power of it to shine a light for others.

These nonsense stories are huge blocks!

If you struggle with telling your story, whatever it may be, you likely are being derailed by this other background story playing on repeat in your head.

This much I can assure you — the people you see out in the world sharing their story, they have the same junk playing in their minds. They just see it for what it is — junk — and they don’t let that noise stop them. They’ve worked to turn those stories off so they can share the story that needs to be shared.

The people who are out in the world sharing their stories are the ones making a difference. …. helping others…. inspiring others…. motivating and encouraging….. teaching…..

Some of them are doing this from big stages to hundreds of thousands of people, while others are doing it across the table at a coffee shop to one single person.

Either way, they are making an impact — because they chose to show up that day and share their story… the real story that needs to be shared.



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