The Secret Weapon I Use to Help me GROW

business Sep 03, 2019

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I have a secret weapon in my business and it's been a GAME CHANGER in how I operate, how I think, how I attack my goals, and how I lead as a CEO of my business.... and it's even had a dramatic effect on my personal life.

Can you guess what it is?  


With everything I do, there is accountability built in.

3 years ago, I started a weekly accountability call with Alexandra Taketa.

We meet every Wednesday via Zoom and we discuss everything going on in our business, in our lives, and in our minds. ('cause it's never just about business, y'all)  


Why? Because we both have seen what a dramatic difference this has made in our businesses and in our personal lives.... and it's highly important to us to keep this going! 

We help each other bust through fear, set big bodacious goals, build strategy plans that are smart and intentional, and most importantly, we hold each other accountable to take action towards the things we need to do.

Because of this, I no longer struggle with lack of focus.

I no longer waffle and wait and waste time.

I no longer wonder if my ideas are any good.

I no longer feel stuck.

I no longer feel like I'm throwing spaghetti on a wall to see what sticks.

I no longer feel lost and alone.

If you are feeling ANY of those things.... I want to invite you to something special.


Alexandra and I are hosting a FREE 3-day #flowandgrow Challenge.

For 3-days, you can join us Live and learn more about our accountability structure, and other foundational tools we've put in our businesses to help us GROW — and you can bet there’s a big piece included on sharing your story!

A LOT has changed in 3 years, but these foundational tools have been our ROCK!!!

During each livestream, we'll give you a simple assignment to help you get unstuck and move into action!

Click here to sign up and join the FREE Challenge

We will be LIVE with our #FlowAndGrow Challenge September 10th - 12th.

***Even if you can't make it LIVE, we'll send you a link to the replays *** 

I want to share more tools and tips with you to help you GROW as you learn to share your story!



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