The Scrappy Entrepreneur with Colleen Kochannek EP: 037

podcast Jun 02, 2021

What do you do when you’re at mid-life, thrown a curve ball at work, decide to start your own business, and find out it’s not easy?

You take the experience, seek out and support others who are in the same boat, and never look back.

When Colleen Kochannek found herself wildly unprepared to start and run an online business at her age, she realized there were others like her. And this is where she found the opportunity to help women over 50 navigate the online space, knowing that these individuals had so much to offer because of the wealth of experience they bring with them.

I know many of us will relate to Colleen and what she’s been through, which is why I invite you to join us today as we talk about:

  • Being laid-off at 49 years old and not wanting to go back to the corporate world
  • Her decision of starting an online business thinking, “How hard can it be?”, and realizing on day 2 that she wasn’t prepared at all!
  • What it means to be someone from the typewriter generation trying to make it as a laptop entrepreneur, and the value that person brings to the table
  • Understanding that running your own business means being in the long game, staying committed and remaining consistent
  • Why she first resisted the idea of an online community, but eventually realized that surrounding yourself with like-minded people is critical to your success
  • How she came up with the name Scrappy Frontier and her message to the women who join her program
  • What continues to drive her and keep her going, and showing up for the women she serves

Colleen’s story reminds us that being 50 or older doesn’t mean you have to sit at your front porch and just wait for the days to pass. There’s so much more you can do!

And she’s also living proof -- like many of my guests here on The Inside Story Podcast -- that beyond the significant changes and challenges life brings, there is something beautiful waiting for us on the other side of the mountain that seems so difficult to climb.


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