The New Marketing of Social Media

Let’s talk about why your story matters and how Social Media has changed the game.

We have this thing now called old marketing and new marketing. Old marketing were the adverts and articles you’d find in magazines, newspapers, and billboards.

The new marketing is based more than ever in your ability to tell a good story…. and to do it in a social atmosphere, and reach so many more people as a result.

To some people, this feels very overwhelming, and I hear you!! Many of my clients lament to me they just want to give up because it feels so hard to put themselves out there… and many of them are so worried they won’t get it right!

Instead of looking at social media as rulebook you have to follow…. something that’s on your daily to-do list and a box you have to check off…. what if you viewed it as an opportunity to just have creative freedom to say, do, be whatever and whoever you want.

When I talk to women about weaving their story into their social media, they immediately think they can’t do it until they have it all figured out --  and it’s perfect.

Um… hello… perfect is never going to come.

It doesn’t have to be perfect; it’s actually better when it’s a little messy. People appreciate messy. It reminds them of their own lives and gives them a little more freedom to embrace their own mess.

Gone are the days of traditional marketing where your copy, and photos needed to be picture perfect and you needed to represent the very best of your brand.

In my opinion, this new mode of marketing is so refreshing because you get to be so much more real, open, and honest…. and just share things that are fun, interesting, important to you and your business in a real “color outside the lines” kind of way.

The more you can humanize the brand, and have a little fun coloring outside the lines, the more your audience is going to tune in and engage with you!

This is really good news because learning to share your story in a real and off the cuff sort of way can allow you to make these social connections and start conversations you’d never get to have otherwise.... they certainly wouldn't happen inside a magazine article or a billboard ad. 

How are you using social media to share your message, and are you throwing the rulebook out the window and having some fun along the way?

If the answer is no… now’s the time to start because I promise growing a business, and growing an audience, and making an impact gets to be fun, and you can have a piece of the action!

I’d love for you to share with me what YOU are doing to use social media in a fun way — tag me in a post. You can use the hashtag #lightbeamers
I’d love to see what you are up to in the world.

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