The Foundations of Storytelling: Your Transformation Story


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Yesterday, I took you through an exercise to help you work on your origin story — one of the 3 foundational pieces of storytelling you need to share with your audience. Your origin story is a piece of historical context that you can trace back to the beginning of your own story
 iIf you missed it, you can get the replay and full transcript on my blog.

I’m going to take you through all 3 pieces— next is the 2nd foundational tool, which is your Transformation Story. 

With each of these foundational stories, you want to consider the message you are spreading to your audience with your work. Whatever it is you do, however you have an impact on others, that’s what you want to keep in mind as you evaluate your stories. 

Your Transformation story is that moment or series of events in your life & business when you experienced a big shift — a complete change in your perspective. 

It’s sort of like climbing a mountain — your transformation story is the telling of what it was like when you finally hit the summit of that mountain, and you could see the beautiful vista overlooking the sweeping landscape. 

Your perspective changes. You realize why the climb up the mountain had to be so hard….. because it makes you appreciate the view so much more! 

When you look back on your life and business, what stands out as your transformative moments or series of events?

For some people this can be a big event that is like an explosion — a single event that simply changes everything.

For others, it might be the culmination of a long journey, and over time you experienced a shift…. a change of perspective…. a decision to embark on a new path. 

Either way, what you want to do in telling your transformation story is to let your audience in on what it was like for you during this time.

How did the experience make you feel?
How did it change the trajectory of your path? 

Why is it important to share your transformation with your audience?

In most cases, your ideal audience is SEEKING that same type of transformation… they are about 10 steps behind you on the mountain still struggling to make the climb. 

By you sharing your transformation, you give your audience a glimpse of what’s possible for them on the journey. They can begin to see you as someone who has climbed the mountain before them and survived. Your transformation becomes a beacon of hope. 

Give this a try today — think through your own transformation as it relates to your brand, your business, your mission — and share that experience with your audience. Let your story be a light for them!! 

Tune back in tomorrow on What’s Your story, as I’ll be sharing the 3rd and final Foundational story you need to have in your arsenal


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