Storytelling Through the Lens with Catherine Just EP: 044

podcast Jul 21, 2021

How do you turn a setback into the biggest comeback of your life?

Catherine Just was only 18 years old when she decided to get sober from an addiction that almost made her give up on herself. That moment was the beginning of her new life, and an amazing artistic career that has led her work to be featured around the world, including the cover of National Geographic.

Her journey so far is nothing short of incredible, and why she’s telling her story is her way of paying it forward and giving someone else an opportunity to learn from her experience and lead a better life, especially through art.

Listen in as Catherine shares with me:

  • Her backstory and how someone’s positive words saved her and changed her life forever
  • The helicopter moment and what she heard in her head that made her decide to get up and ask for help
  • What The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and her work with him mean to her
  • Why she considers telling her story through her art, a miracle
  • How her son Max has given her the gift of seeing and having self-esteem no matter what, and her projects that have spun from having a child with Down Syndrome
  • What a common friend (hello George Bryant!) has encouraged her to do that’s becoming her next focus

Everyone is in need of a little inspiration sometimes, and I believe today’s episode will give you just that. Catherine’s story will encourage you to take a look at your life through a different lens, and give you hope that your best life is just waiting for you on the other side.




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