9 Storytelling Challenges Most Women Struggle With EP: 171

podcast Nov 29, 2023

I’ve long believed that storytelling is an essential skill anyone should have. However, while it’s a powerful way to communicate, storytelling often comes with its own set of challenges. From figuring out what part of your story to tell to how you’re going to share it—these are just some of the areas of storytelling that stop people from getting into it.

Today, drawing insights from inside the LIGHTbeamers community, we’ll dive into the common challenges and universal struggles women face when it comes to storytelling. We’ll also look into why these hurdles exist and more importantly, how they can be overcome.

Tune in as I share with you: 

  • The common storytelling challenges you—yes, you! —shared with me through your responses when you first entered the LIGHTbeamers community
  • What has emerged as a recurring theme across storytelling challenges
  • Why authenticity remains an important aspect of successful storytelling
  • How to find the right balance between different types of stories
  • The importance of making time for storytelling, regardless of what you do

In the world of storytelling, let’s look at challenges not as roadblocks but as opportunities for growth and connection. The path to becoming a successful storyteller is paved not just with anecdotes but with the willingness to confront uncertainties, making each narrative not just a story but a testament to resilience and shared humanity.

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