From Douchebags to Diamonds with Stacey Dewald EP: 090

podcast Jun 08, 2022

The path to finding the right partner and the “perfect” romantic relationship is never a straight one. There are always bumps along the way, and it can sometimes feel like we won’t ever end up with someone we can truly call our one true love.

Stacey Dewald is the author of Douchebags to Diamonds, a self-help book for women who want to heal their broken hearts, take charge of their love life, and attract the right one. She has had her share of dysfunctional relationships, but in the process of personal development, has found her own Mr. Right.

It’s this journey we talk about today, so I invite you to listen in as we uncover:

  • How it looked when she hit rock bottom, and how her daughter inspired her to make a change in her life
  • What the book Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping moved her to recognize what was happening to her, and what to do about it
  • How personal healing not only improved her relationship with herself, but with each person she encounters every day
  • Her reason for writing the book and sharing her story, and the amazing reaction she’s getting from the readers
  • What life is like with her own true love, Chris

As humans, it’s natural for us to want lasting relationships. But it is often our own fears and personal obstacles that keep us from finding love. Stacey shows us there is hope, but it’s not without some work to be done. Take control of your life today, and discover the best out there that’s still waiting for you.


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