"Women's Voices Amplified" - SoundAdvice.FM with Phyllis Nichols EP: 100

podcast Aug 17, 2022

It’s our 100th episode and what better way to celebrate this milestone than to have the person who helped me start my podcast two years ago on the show!!

Phyllis Nichols is the founder of SoundAdvice Strategies, a podcast production company. She’s best known for helping clients create unique audio experiences for their listeners. A salesperson at heart, she found her way to podcasts on a dare, and she’s more than happy that her previous sales-consulting work turned into amplifying and selling the messages of her clients.

Tune in today as Phyllis and I talk about:

  • How podcasting has changed over the years, especially for women in the industry
  • How Phyllis and her team can help you if you want to get into podcasting
  • What SoundAdvice.FM is and Phyllis’ vision of amplifying women’s voices
  • Creating an impact with your podcast and how SoundAdvice.FM can support you by helping you reach more people

I am so grateful to Phyllis for being there for me when I thought of starting this podcast, and for being here for me still as I do my best to grow and reach more women through stories.

And thank YOU for sticking with me and listening to The Inside Story Podcast for 100 episodes - I hope you'll stick around for the next 100!


Interview Links:
SoundAdvice Strategies
SoundAdvice.FM Network


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