Elevating Your Beliefs, Story, and Sales with Relinde Moors EP: 128

podcast Mar 01, 2023

Every day, limiting beliefs and self-defeating thoughts run through our heads. Feelings of inadequacy, fear of failure, self-doubt, and self-sabotage … these beliefs often come from past experiences, cultural conditioning, or messages we get from others.

After closing down her dance company, Relinde Moors took a completely different path, hoping to find freedom, independence, and abundance. But before she found success, she had to break down invisible blocks that were stopping her from achieving her goals. Today, she’s helping others shift their beliefs.

Join me and Relinde as we talk about:

  • Her backstory and how a trip to Bali changed how she looked at life and the meaning of freedom
  • How she figured out the kind of limiting beliefs that were in her subconscious and blocking her from reaching her vision
  • What we can do to take away the fears that are telling us to play small in different areas of our lives
  • My own daily practice of revisiting my goals and rewiring my brain to think big
  • What she does at the Elevate to Thrive Academy and how she’s helping her clients elevate their beliefs, their story, and their sales

Overcoming limiting beliefs takes time and effort. It requires a willingness to be introspective, a commitment to personal growth, and a willingness to take action despite feelings of discomfort or fear. But with persistence and practice, you can overcome limiting beliefs and elevate to your full potential.


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