From the Hood to the White House to Multi-million Dollar Success with Rebecca Contreras EP: 111

podcast Nov 02, 2022

When someone goes from the hood to the White House and ultimately has multi-million dollar success, you know there’s bound to be more than a few inside stories there that will just blow your mind.

Rebecca Contreras went from hitting her lowest of lows to reaching amazing success -- the kind that so many of us also dream of. Her book, titled “Lost Girl”, details this journey and shows the reader the kind of perseverance and faith Rebecca had to get to where she is today.

Tune in to today’s episode as Rebecca and I talk about: 

  •    The first chapter of her book, which takes you straight to how it feels to grow up in a “crazy and dysfunctional family”
  •    Her incredible, life-changing experience working at the White House, and the power of surrounding yourself with people who believe in you
  •    Her journey as an entrepreneur and taking the plunge to leave her work despite the odds
  •    The importance of paying it forward and how she’s doing it with her program, Girls of Legacy
  •    Finding the right timing to write her book “Lost Girl”, and how a mentor encouraged her to “lead with her mess”

Rebecca’s story is every woman’s story. It’s one that is so inspiring that it will encourage you to get up and go for that one big thing you’ve always wanted to achieve. And I hope that in reading and hearing her story, you become inspired to share your story, too, and let it become a light for someone else.


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