Building a REAL Network Full of Authenticity with Marketing Pro Ben Albert EP: 145

podcast Jun 28, 2023

Forging genuine relationships and connections is important for success, and this is true even in business. Having connections is more than simply exchanging business cards or engaging in superficial conversations. Building real relationships goes beyond transactional exchanges; it involves understanding others, actively listening, and showing authenticity. 

Today’s guest, Ben Albert, is an online marketer turned business owner who realized the power of real connections when he started his own business. He now hosts a network of five podcasts called Real Business Connections and runs a massively successful marketing firm, Balbert Marketing.

My conversation with Ben is so inspiring, and I invite you to join us today as we talk about:

  • His COVID story and how he went from drinking himself to death to taking positive action and removing what wasn’t working for him
  • How dusting off his LinkedIn profile became the start of his entrepreneurial journey
  • His way of bringing love into the world that ultimately leads to better connections and relationships
  • Actual tips on how he connects with people plus my own way of connecting with others
  • How storytelling has found a place in his growth and what it means to him

Authentic relationships foster loyalty, improve communication, and create a network of individuals who genuinely care about each other's success. In a world where relationships often drive business outcomes, investing in real connections is a powerful strategy for achieving professional and personal goals.


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