Quiet Influence: Creating Audience-centric Content to Market Yourself in a More Aligned Way with Jen Liddy EP: 184

podcast Mar 13, 2024

When the loudest voices often seem to command the most attention, getting visible in business poses a challenge for the quieter ones among us. If you're someone who cringes at the thought of the spotlight, yet wishes to share your expertise and genuinely help people, doing visibility work can feel like an impossible task. How do you make your mark without compromising your comfort?

This question is at the heart of our latest podcast episode, where we explore the art of "Quiet Influence." Meant for those of us who thrive in the shadows rather than the limelight, this episode with content strategist and coach Jen Liddy is a guide on how to use your strengths and quietly pave a way to visibility in your business.

Listen in as Jen and I talk about:

  • Jen’s background in teaching and how she ended up in the world of marketing and becoming a content strategist
  • The concept of Quiet Influence – an approach to making an impact without needing to be in the spotlight
  • Jen’s practical tips – aka MVP – to help you implement the principles of Quiet Influence in your own communication
  • Using storytelling, mirroring the audience's experiences, and emphasizing the power of using "YOU" when communicating, which are strategies that allow for authentic engagement and influence
  • Focusing on serving your audience and highlighting the value you bring without needing to dominate the conversation
  • How to make an impact with quiet thoughtfulness and genuine connection


Making a significant impact doesn't require the brightest spotlight or the loudest voice. There are those who prefer the quiet corners of the room but still have a meaningful story to share. Remember, your expertise and stories hold immense value, and there are countless individuals waiting to be touched by your words. Let this be your encouragement to step forward, not onto a brightly-lit stage, but into a space where your quiet influence can shine and transform lives.




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