Question The Drink with Kari Schwear EP: 078

podcast Mar 16, 2022

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Do I drink too much?”, and go back and forth between saying yes and no without really understanding why, today is a good day to listen to The Inside Story Podcast.

Our guest for this episode is Kari Schwear, Founder of GrayTonic and the Question the Drink movement. She’s a former gray area drinker who struggled with understanding how and why she landed there. She shares her story of finding out what her real problem was, and how she’s now helping others who are stuck in the gray area.

There’s so much to gain from my conversation with Kari, so I invite you to listen in as we talk about:

  • When her journey of questioning the drink began, and how and what she learned about the gray area
  • Why having awareness and paying close attention can help you begin to have the right mindset about alcohol and your relationship with it
  • Her reason for starting the business and how she’s empowering 
  • How her programs Question the Drink for 30 and 30 After 30 can help you improve your relationship with alcohol and yourself
  • Her tool called the S.A.B.E.R. Method, that will help you slay negative thoughts about anything (as a lover of acronyms, I say this is such a good one!)

Whether you’re living in a gray area when it comes to alcohol or something else, it’s important to first become aware and honest about what you’re going through to begin your journey to achieving harmony and balance. And as Kari shows us, telling your story also becomes an important part of not only healing yourself, but shining a light for others who are just beginning to find themselves. 


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