Put Yourself In the Room EP: 106

podcast Sep 28, 2022

The 4th Annual Storytelling Symposium by LIGHTbeamers has just ended, and I’m still on a high from meeting new people, forging new relationships and deepening old ones, sharing new stories, and just soaking up all the inspiration from everyone I connected with!

And as I look back now and reflect on the amazing two days of the Symposium, I’m reminded of something that came to me more than a year ago – after I attended a mastermind event and hosted last year’s virtual Storytelling Symposium.

That is, you have to put yourself in the room.

But what do I exactly mean by that?

Here are a few things I shared last year, as we hit ‘Replay’ on Episode 033, that still ring true today:

  • My experience in Montana, and what it felt like to attend my first in-person event in over a year
  • The virtual Storytelling Symposium I led that was attended by women who chose to put themselves in the room
  • What it means to give yourself the chance to be in the room fully and truly present, ready to soak up the lessons other people in the room impart
  • Putting yourself in the room not just to receive wisdom from others but also give something back by sharing your own stories
  • That ultimately, it’s the thought of putting yourself first and growing in the process, that can lead to improving everything around you

Make the commitment. Say YES to yourself. Be intentional about putting yourself in the room because it’s an important part of YOUR growth and development. No one else can do it for you. Only YOU can.


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