Seeking Pleasure AND Profits with Satisfaction Strategist Rachel Anzalone EP: 176

podcast Jan 17, 2024

Unlocking a fulfilling and successful entrepreneurial journey involves embracing the idea that pleasure can and should be at the forefront of our business strategies.

But what does that actually mean?

In today’s episode of The Inside Story Podcast, Rachel Anzalone introduces the concept of a "satisfaction strategy" in business. It’s finding balance between impact, profit, and pleasure, and doing meaningful work while experiencing deep, integrated satisfaction.

Tune in as Rachel and I discuss:

  • Her satisfaction strategy, where she emphasizes the importance of aligning impact, profit, and pleasure in a customized and intentional way
  • A holistic business approach where you can balance impact, profit, and pleasure
  • The importance of creating custom business practices tailored to your values, desires, and capabilities – and that make you feel good!!
  • Common pitfalls such as focusing solely on impact without considering profit, or becoming overwhelmed by profit pursuits at the expense of pleasure and impact
  • Embodying your beliefs and practicing what you preach
  • The need for patience and trust in the process, believing that your efforts will unfold in the right timing


Rachel’s insights resonate as a call to action for us entrepreneurs to create our unique satisfaction strategy, custom-tailored to our values and aspirations. As we go on this mindset shift, let's embrace the wisdom of cultivating patience, trusting the process, and finding joy in every step. Let's rewrite the story of entrepreneurship, where pleasure isn't just a fleeting indulgence but a guiding principle that propels us towards a business journey that is not only prosperous but deeply fulfilling. 


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