Permission to Kick-a$& with Angie Colee EP: 181

podcast Feb 21, 2024

When the world often tells us what success looks like, believing in our own skills and potential can be tough. Doubts creep in, making us question if we're good enough to stand out and be proud of what we've achieved. But finding what we're truly good at is vital and possible. Embracing what we're great at is about celebrating our unique selves. 

Today, I’m thrilled to have business mentor Angie Colee on the show. Angie says her big life mission is: “I don't want a single creator, creative entrepreneur, or creative service provider to go to their grave thinking they're not enough, or will never figure this business thing out.”

So join me and Angie as we drop truth bomb after truth bomb, and discuss:

  • The importance of being true to oneself, resisting pressures to conform, and the value of owning one's unique path and story
  • Imposter syndrome and the ways people hold themselves back by not recognizing their own expertise and potential
  • The power of giving oneself permission to succeed and the importance of stepping into roles confidently
  • How personal stories and experiences can enhance business marketing, create genuine connections with audiences, and drive success
  • Defining what success looks like for oneself, rather than adhering to society’s benchmarks or comparisons to others.
  • Taking action towards your dreams and trusting in your own journey without waiting for external validation or permission to pursue one's goals and kick ass!!


This fun and enlightening conversation with Angie serves as a beacon of inspiration and guidance. Her story reminds us that embracing our unique strengths, overcoming doubt, and pursuing our passions with unapologetic authenticity are not just aspirational goals but achievable realities. Let Angie's story and mission empower you to break free from the confines of imposter syndrome and societal expectations. Remember, your expertise, your creativity, and your story have the power to shape a fulfilling path that's uniquely yours. So, go ahead and kick some ass!!



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