Outsourcing: Is it good or bad? EP: 088

podcast May 25, 2022

If there’s one thing I can mention that’s crucial to business growth, it would be outsourcing. But there are so many facets to this process that a lot of entrepreneurs dismiss the idea of outsourcing -- even before they understand how it can actually take a big load off their shoulders and help scale their businesses!

So if you’ve been mulling over the idea of outsourcing but have questions on how to go about it, this is the episode for you. Plus, I give you a couple of resources to get you started on your outsourcing journey!

Listen in as I share with you:

  • How my business looked and the different struggles I had before outsourcing
  • The mistakes I made when I first hired virtual assistants – and how I figured out what I needed to do to fix them
  • Why creating a partnership with your team and having clear communication are key pieces in maintaining a good, working environment
  • How outsourcing got me into my queen bee role that allowed me to make big shifts in my business
  • The different ways getting support can help you achieve your goals – whether in business or in your personal life

Like I always say: it gets to be easy. And this can happen when you have the right kind of people supporting you and helping you get to where you want to be.


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