Only Buy the Awesome Stuff with David Delisle EP: 048

podcast Aug 18, 2021

In today’s world where materialism is so prevalent, how do we teach our children about money and finances? And where do we even begin teaching them about putting value on the more relevant things and choosing what’s better? 

Today’s guest on The Inside Story Podcast is David Delisle -- a successful entrepreneur, financial advisor, marketing director, and real estate investor, but most importantly, a dad. He’s been investing since he was eleven and is passionate about passing on the lessons he’s learned to teach kids how to live a rich life and create the freedom for what’s most important to them -- the Awesome Stuff.

I invite you to listen in as David and I talk about:

  •    His childhood experiences that have helped shape his views about money and reading The Wealthy Barber at the age of 11!
  •    Becoming an accidental author and publishing a book about financial and life lessons he wants to pass on to his kids, in a way his kids would find easy to understand
  •    Being mindful and intentional about money and “only buying the awesome stuff”
  •    Being in a position of power and making the right choices based on what’s important to us
  •    Understanding that “experiences can also be the awesome stuff”
  •    Developing the right habits and having the right mindset are foundations for knowing how to choose the better things 

This conversation and David’s book “The Golden Quest” opens up a different way of looking at money and defining a truly rich life. The lessons are for everyone -- not just the kids! -- and will help us live our best lives by only choosing the awesome stuff.



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