When and How to Add Publicity to Your Storytelling Arsenal with Publicist Beth Nydick EP: 186

podcast Mar 27, 2024

Getting noticed in today's digital world can be really tough for business owners and entrepreneurs. So many platforms fight for our attention and make it hard to stand out. But there's a powerful tool that's often missed: media exposure. Even though it can greatly increase visibility and build trust, many people avoid trying to get media coverage. It's important to understand why media is not used as much as it could be and how clearing up this confusion can lead to great chances for getting noticed and expanding your business. 

Enter Beth Nydick, our guest today on the podcast and a pro in the world of public relations and media. Beth breaks down the barriers to media exposure, sharing insider tips on how to grab people’s attention and make the most of every media opportunity.

Listen in on this episode as Beth and I talk about:

  • Her career journey, including how she landed a job with Jay Leno and published a cocktail cookbook by seizing opportunities
  • The importance of media exposure for anyone looking to amplify their stories
  • Leveraging media effectively to significantly impact one's business growth
  • Being proactive in making asks and seizing opportunities where your visibility is concerned
  • Focusing on what the audience needs to hear and presenting unique takes on topics as key strategies for successful pitches
  • Practical advice on how to pitch oneself or one's business to media outlets – or to anybody for that matter!!
  • How social conditioning, especially for women, can act as a barrier to seeking media opportunities
  • The importance of storytelling and how sharing relatable stories can capture the audience's attention and lead to more impactful media engagements
  • The work she does with her clients using a framework aptly called the F.A.M.E. Formula
  • How to actively seek media opportunities and to share their media appearances widely


Media exposure is a golden ticket to elevating your business and personal brand. Beth's practical advice and inspiring journey remind us that with the right approach, anyone can harness the power of media to their advantage. So, take that first step, craft your story, and reach out—your next media feature could be the breakthrough moment your business has been waiting for. Let's not leave this powerful tool on the shelf; instead, let's use it to create the visibility and impact we dream of.


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