Marriage & Entrepreneurship with Kyle Pertuis EP: 094

podcast Jul 06, 2022

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. But what about being an entrepreneur who’s also married to one – does it make things extra challenging?

Today’s episode is extra special because I’m joined by my husband, Kyle Pertuis. We’re talking all things marriage and entrepreneurship, and what happens behind the scenes as we make both aspects of our lives not only work, but thrive.

Join me and Kyle as we share with you:

  • Kyle’s entrepreneurial journey and how his coaching business came about
  • How COVID changed our dynamic at home and in our businesses, and what I think helped us most when we found ourselves working side by side at home!
  • The best – as well as the hardest -- parts of being entrepreneurs and the greatest motivator & driver for us to continue doing what we do
  • Family life and how we try and exhibit our core values at home
  • Kyle’s advice for other entrepreneurs – it’s an acronym, and you know how much I love those!!
  • What we’ve learned from each other over the years, and
  • The things we’re looking forward to in the next six months, in our personal lives and for our businesses

There are no secrets to making a marriage work while balancing the demands of being entrepreneurs. It takes commitment, having shared values, and so much more, but it IS possible.

I’m grateful that Kyle and I get to do what we love to do, and also be in a relationship where there’s abundant support for each other. It’s the best thing in the world, and I want it no other way.



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