Life is Messy, Life is Marvelous with Amy & Rhea EP: 035

podcast May 19, 2021

There will always be 2 sides to life: the beautiful and exhilarating one, and the other that’s messy and difficult. You can’t have one without the other, and even the most successful people I know who seem to have it all have gone through both. In fact, most success stories become even more fascinating and extraordinary because of the obstacles that had to be overcome.

But what does it take to navigate through this life that’s both messy and marvelous? Good friends and colleagues Rhea Merck and Amy Montanez have written a book called LAUNCH: A Guide to Adulting — meant for 18-35 year olds , but is being picked up by older folks who feel like they still have a lot to learn! (Raising my hand over here!) 

On today’s episode, Amy, Rhea and I talk specifically about a few of the “life skills” found in the book.

I invite you to listen in as they share with me:

  • The background story of how Messy Marvelous came about and their initial branding that didn’t quite work out!
  • What their goal was in creating Messy Marvelous that came from hearing other people’s life stories in their profession
  • The 11 life skills discussed in their book including these 3 we explore in depth:

o   ASKING FOR HELP and understanding that it’s ok to do this sooner rather than later
o   FINDING YOUR PEOPLE and ways on how to do this
o   TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and how this is a major key to life

  • Rhea and Amy’s second book that’s focused on LOVE

Life is indeed both messy and marvelous. And one thing’s for sure: life mostly never goes as planned. But if we allow ourselves to learn from our experience, become better persons in the process, and tell our stories to help others along the way, our lives gain meaning and become even more wonderful.


Resources / Links:

LAUNCH: A Guide to Adulting
Messy Marvelous “Be the Light” blog post


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