Publishing & Writing with Lanette Pottle EP: 052

podcast Sep 15, 2021

When you meet and collaborate with someone who identifies herself as the Positivity Lady both in her personal life and in business, you know it’s going to be a great partnership! 

Lanette Pottle is a Life and Business Strategist whose vision of empowering women and giving them a way to have their voices heard is so aligned with mine that I couldn’t help but reach out to her … she is such a LIGHTbeamer!

And sitting down with Lanette and really getting to know her inside stories made me appreciate her and her journey even more.

I invite you to join me and Lanette today as we talk about:

  •    How she got around to having her first book published
  •    The meaning and message of her books Small Steps Big Impact and Small Steps Big Shifts
  •    Giving a TEDx Talk in the middle of this pandemic
  •    The low moment she went through and how her own book helped her
  •    The thing on her vision board that she actually didn’t believe would come true!
  •    What I’m collaborating on with Lanette, which we’re both very excited about!
  •    And an inside story on how she’s stepping into the next level of her vision of empowering women

Lanette and I -- along with 14 other amazing women -- are currently working on our first collaboration book. If you would like to know more about our Author Program and get on the waitlist to join the next book project, just click on this link.

Sharing your story and making a big impact by becoming an author may be a scary step, but it could be the big one that will get you to where you really want to go. Remember, your story matters. And it just might be the light that someone out there is waiting for.


Lanette’s Books:
Small Steps Big Impact
Small Steps Big Shifts

Positivity Lady Press 

Lanette’s TEDx Talk


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