The Perks of Showing Up & Not Giving Up EP: 150

podcast Aug 02, 2023

Do you sometimes feel like even when you show up and you’re being authentic when you share your story, no one is listening? Today on the Inside Story podcast, I open up about my own struggles with doubts, whether it's sending emails, creating social media content, or producing this very podcast. I'm sure we've all been there, right? 

But hold on! Here comes the powerful part. I share with you a heartwarming experience that has become a beautiful reminder for me – which I hope encourages you, too – that even when it feels like no one's paying attention, there are people who are out there just waiting for the right moment to let you know that you’ve made an impact on them.

I invite you to join me today as I talk about: 

  • The importance of showing up and sharing your story, even when you think nobody is listening or engaging with your content
  • My own doubts about the effectiveness of what I’m doing every single day, feeling like nobody is paying attention or responding
  • A powerful anecdote about a client who now serves as a reminder that words – and stories!! – can inspire and motivate others, even if you don't see immediate results 

I hope you let this episode be a powerful reminder to keep shining your light, sharing your stories, and making a difference, one heartfelt word at a time. There’s magic in sharing your story, and the extraordinary connections it can create can be so fulfilling, so brush those doubts away and share your story today.



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