4 Steps to Tapping into your Intuition and Discovering your Empathic ways with Author Ciara Rubin EP: 183

podcast Mar 06, 2024

Life is full of tough choices. We often rely on facts and logic to make these decisions. But we sometimes forget about our gut feeling. This inner sense, or intuition, can offer deep insights beyond regular thinking. Trusting our intuition doesn't mean ignoring logic. It's about understanding that not all answers come from facts or deep thinking. Sometimes, it's the quiet voice inside us that shows us the way.

Today’s guest Ciara Rubin's story is one that speaks of the power of embracing one's intuition amidst the hustle of everyday life. Once too preoccupied with family, fitness, and finances to heed her inner voice, Ciara embarked on a journey of self-discovery that led her to trust her intuition with unwavering confidence.

Listen in as Ciara and I talk about:

  • Ciara’s personal journey of discovering her empathic and intuitive abilities, emphasizing a significant turning point at a metaphysical fair where her intuitive gifts were recognized by a stranger, setting her on a path to becoming a spiritual teacher
  • Intuition as a skill that’s present within everyone, but that may need guidance to develop and trust this inner voice
  • Our own personal stories where intuition played a significant role in our lives, from career decisions to navigating personal challenges
  • The societal and cultural skepticism towards intuition
  • Ciara’s 4 step guide for developing a strong connection with yourself and having the courage to take healthy risks that will create the life you truly desire
  • Nurturing intuition in children and the significance of encouraging children to explore and trust their intuitive feelings


The journey to embracing our intuition is both deeply personal and universally relatable. Ciara's transformation from doubting her inner voice to confidently navigating life with intuition as her compass serves as an inspiring reminder of the untapped power within us all. Whether you're seeking to break cycles of generational trauma, find clarity in your purpose, or simply learn to trust yourself more deeply, Ciara's story illustrates that it's never too late to say "YES" to exploring the depths of your spirituality and intuition. Let her journey encourage you to start your own exploration, and remember, the wisdom you seek is already within you, waiting to be discovered.

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