Imposter Syndrome and Overcoming the Fear of Visibility with Therapist Lexi Soulios EP: 143

podcast Jun 14, 2023

Imposter syndrome is a phenomenon characterized by persistent self-doubt, and it’s a common experience that affects individuals from all walks of life. But it particularly manifests itself among women who aspire to make a difference in the world. Women who are driven to create positive change often find themselves grappling with imposter syndrome, which can hinder their progress and hold them back from reaching their full potential.

Today on the show, we tackle this issue with growth strategist and holistic therapist Lexi Soulios and discuss how much imposter syndrome affects us, and what we should do to push through this thinking and succeed.

Join me and Lexi today as we talk about:

  • The different ways imposter syndrome shows up in the stories of women
  • Why we have to stop thinking so critically about ourselves, and how we should instead, begin observing ourselves in a lovingly curious way that feels safe
  • The belief that we are the only ones for whom things are not working out
  • What we need to do as women to help and encourage each other to take more risks as we move forward, despite the negative thoughts we keep playing in our heads
  • An offering Lexi is excited to share with all of you, called Beyond the Masks

Despite the challenges posed by imposter syndrome, it’s important for women to recognize and challenge their self-doubts. Overcoming imposter syndrome requires a combination of self-reflection, cultivating a supportive network, and celebrating one's accomplishments, and it’s time women start doing this work today. It’s time we change our story from one that says we’re not good enough, to one that says we made it because we stepped up despite our imperfections.


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Check out Lexi’s 3-part Conversation with Women Leaders called Beyond the Masks


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