How to Open a Curiosity Loop with Your Story


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I know this happens to you — You go to a networking event, or you meet someone new, and they ask you the simple question: What do you do? 

And suddenly, you feel unprepared! It’s like all of a sudden what you do for a living has to fit into this tiny capsule. And it seems no matter how you answer the question, it never feels adequate… and it certainly doesn’t spark conversation.

Here’s the deal — these moments aren’t about selling yourself…. they are about piquing the curiosity in others.

How can you answer that question in a way that will make the person who’s asking want to know more??

The one thing you don't want to do is to answer them in a predictable way.... "I sell insurance" or "I am a nurse" or " I'm with a networking marketing company that sells essential oils"


Instead you want to answer them in a way that opens a curiosity loop… It piques their interest and makes them curious! What you want to do is get them to say, "Oh really, tell me more."

You can do this by stating the problem most of your clients/customers are facing, and then share the product or solution you offer and the results they get in the end.

You want to do this in a way that describes what you do, but doesn't give the whole enchilada away ... again, the goal is to open up a curiosity loop.

So instead of saying I sell insurance.... you might say something like: 
"I help people find peace of mind with documents that turn into Gold when disaster strikes."

For my own business, I could tell people I am a Journalist, writer, and video producer. But instead I say something like this:

"I help women business owners who feel stuck & unable to properly communicate who they are build connections with their audience through Story"

So give this a try today — state the problem most of your clients/customers face, and then share how what you offer makes a difference. 

We are going to be practicing this inside my Community today because I want to give you a space to practice this and get feedback from your peers. So if you want to pop over to the LIGHTbeamers Community on Facebook, share your one-liner introduction with us! We’d love to support you as you navigate the world of sharing your story with others!


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