How to Get Great Testimonials


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Yesterday we talked about how valuable getting Testimonials can be to help you tell the story of your business and the impact of the work you do.

I promised today a quick lesson on HOW to get really great testimonials from your clients and customers, so you have perfect little stories to share in your marketing. 

The first step is to ASK — you have to make getting testimonials a priority and identify the avenue in which you can reach out to your clients and ask them for their valuable feedback. 

So asking is a big first step.

Once you ask — do you just leave it up to your clients to tell you whatever the heck they want???? 


You want to guide them by giving them a framework of questions you want them to answer. 

This is key to getting really valuable feedback you can use. 

Now just like the Story Formula I teach, you can use that same roadmap for getting others to share their story with you. So let’s go through that Framework again and use it as a guide for the questions you want to ask your clients. 

The first part of the Story formula is the Before. You want to ask your client to describe where where they BEFORE they started working with you or using your products and services. What were they struggling with or dealing with that made them come to you in the first place. Establishing their before allows them to share their own struggles, which will be really valuable for others in your audience to hear — because chances are, they are currently struggling with the same issues. 

Next, is the Transformation. Ask your clients what did they experience as a result of using your products or services? How did their life change for the better?

And here’s a really important question to ask next…. how did that make you feel? How did it feel to have things start to turn around? Getting your clients to share their emotional journey with you is going to hit a home run in terms of storytelling, because as you always here me say — sharing the emotions is what allows others in your audience to connect to the story. 

Finally, you want to talk about the other side. Ask your clients now that they are on the other side of that transformation, what is their biggest takeaway? What have they learned as a result of going through this process? 

And that’s it. That’s all you need. Get your clients to describe their before, share their transformation, and spill the beans on their biggest takeaway…and don’t forget to ask them how the entire experience made them feel.

If you use that simple Framework to secure your testimonials, you’ll have an endless supply of great stories to share with your audience. 

And there is nothing better than sharing peer stories and social proof as part of your marketing.

I hope you put these tips into action. I’d love to know how this goes for you — so let me know!!

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I always love hearing from you — and to learn more about how you are putting these storytelling tips to work for you in your life and business.

Infusing your marketing with real-life human stories helps bring your brand story to life, so take every opportunity you have to share those stories!!


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