Where have you been Praying for Rain?


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It's #TransformationalTuesday, and I am sharing a piece of inspirational wisdom…. because I think we all need it from time to time.

I can’t take credit for this one; this story was shared with me by a spiritual teacher, Maru Iabichela, who teaches all about the power of our own minds to create all that which we desire.

She shared a story of a group of farmers who were praying over their land that had suffered a tragic drought. The entire community was at risk because the land was no longer bearing crops — barren, desolate, and parched.

A group of spiritual leaders gathered to pray, when one of the farmers asked why were they not praying for rain.

To which they replied — "You don’t need to pray for rain, you need to pray for green pastures." 

When we are experiencing a drought in our own life, we often make the mistake of praying for rain…. rather than focusing our attention on the green pastures.

The rain is simply the How…. the green pastures is the Desired Result.

When we try to control the situation by dictating HOW it should unfold, we end up restricting our own ability to receive that which we desire. We are limiting God’s abundance to be bestowed on us.

I thought this was such a powerful reminder to stop praying for rain, and focus instead on the green pastures we desire in our lives.

Where have you been praying for rain instead of praying for green pastures? 

I know for me, I’ve focused too much on the HOW of things lately….so I definitely needed this reminder, and I felt called to share it with you, too!

Think about your own green pastures today— dream big about the things you desire. Share your story in a way that will restore the nutrients to your dry land and re-fertilize your own vision.

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