Getting Started Writing a Book with April Adams Pertuis EP: 182

podcast Feb 28, 2024

Have you ever dreamed of writing your own book? Of sharing your stories and insights through the written word for the world to read, yet felt daunted at the mere thought of taking on such a project? Well, what if I told you that the path to becoming an author, while not without challenges, is also possible with guidance and support? That your dream of sharing your story, your knowledge, and your vision through a book is not just a distant fantasy, but a tangible goal within your reach. 

In today's episode, I’m giving you a candid look behind the scenes of my own writing process, with insights and advice for anyone standing at the door of this very exciting adventure, yet hesitant to take the first step.

Listen in as I share with you:

  • My personal experience from transitioning to writing a solo book after previously co-authoring books
  • The importance of identifying the reason why you’re writing the book and knowing who your target audience is
  • Strategies for organizing ideas, creating an outline, and excavating personal stories that align with your book's theme – my story framework, right here!!
  • How personal experiences can truly inspire, heal, and connect people – the real power behind your stories


The path to writing your own book is not easy, but it’s also filled with opportunities for growth, self-expression, and the profound joy of sharing your stories with the world. With the right mindset, tools, and a dash of courage, the dream of becoming an author is not just a fleeting wish but a very achievable reality. Take that leap, start penning down your thoughts, and embark on the fulfilling goal of bringing your own book to life. Remember, every story matters, including yours; it's time to share it with the world.



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