Storytelling Beats Algorithms with George Bryant EP: 057

podcast Oct 20, 2021

Our guest today on the podcast is one of those people I easily gravitated towards because I knew there were so many stories behind this incredible force of nature and his journey.

George Bryant is a digital marketing guru, and one who places relationships above all else. In fact, his trademarked slogan is RELATIONSHIPS BEAT ALGORITHMS and in his program, you’ll find him teaching the power of relationship-building in marketing, but how he got to this point in his career and how he came about teaching what he does is part of what he’s sharing with us today.

I invite you to join me and George as we uncover:

  •         The 3 big parts of George’s story and how he evolved to who he is today
  •         How undergoing EMDR therapy to cure his PTSD helped him in telling his story
  •         His leadership style and how it has changed over the years
  •         George’s best advice for using storytelling in developing relationships – this is definitely not the answer I was expecting!
  •         The meaning behind “Relationships beat algorithms”
  •         What’s in George’s future and what we can expect

Storytelling truly is a way to connect with others. Whether it’s in our personal lives, our work relationships, and in business, it really does beat any algorithm out there for developing deeper connections.

If you’re looking to build your relationships and connect with your audience better, give storytelling a try. I always say, your story matters. And it just might be that missing piece that will get you where you want to be.

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