Frank Women with Dayna Lapkovsky EP: 101

podcast Aug 24, 2022

I've long believed that when women come together and share their stories, magic is bound to happen. And over in Montreal, Canada, one woman has created a lasting space for women where they can have meaningful and strategic interactions.

Dayna is a seasoned communications professional and branding consultant with a certification in Women’s Leadership from the Yale School of Management. Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for developing female talent bring an inspiring, innovative approach to problem solving and creative thinking.

Join me and Dayna as we discuss:

  • What frank is and the backstory of how it all started
  • Her journalism background and how it ties to women’s leadership – and how curiosity plays a role in both
  • Her vision of having a safe space where women can gather and talk, motivate and encourage each other
  • The common threads that bind women from different backgrounds and locations together
  • Being a people connector and the gratifying feeling of match-making the individuals inside the frank community
  • How you can join the next frank cohort
  • What Dayna is dreaming up next

So much of Dayna’s work and mission are aligned to what we have over at the LIGHTbeamers, and I feel like Dayna is such a kindred spirit. She and I both believe that when like-minded women empower each other by sharing their stories, their experiences -- only good things will happen. So my challenge for you today is to find your tribe, and encourage and motivate the women in your community to create and live their best lives.


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