Expansive Impact with Sarah Young EP: 126

podcast Feb 15, 2023

The textbook definition of leadership is “the ability of an individual, group, or organization to lead, influence, or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations.” We all know, though, that leadership encompasses so much more than just this.

Our guest today is Sarah Young, founder and CEO of the Zing Collaborative. She spent eight years leading people, projects, and teams in the corporate world before she started her business in 2013. At Zing Collaborative, she partners with thousands of leaders across industries and geographies to go beyond the basic understanding of what a leader is and elevate their leadership capacity.

Here are some of what Sarah and I discuss on today’s episode:

  • Her experience in the corporate world and what she saw as “the shadow and the light” that eventually led her to shift to what she is doing today
  • Her book, Expansive Impact, and what the concept really means
  • Where she sees the biggest gaps both in the corporate setting and in individuals in reference to leadership
  • The 999 Tragedies that lived in her Google Drive, which later on became the inspiration for her book
  • Her journey as an author and coming out with a physical book that represented her and what she believed in
  • The three main themes in the lives of the women she encounters

What are your thoughts on leadership? What, for you, makes someone an effective leader? Would you consider YOURSELF a leader? 

I believe each one of us has what it takes to inspire and lead in everyday moments. Let Sarah’s book serve as a guide on how we can be better leaders so we can better serve our clients and our communities.


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