From SAHM to Burlesque Dancer with Eva D'Luscious EP: 177

podcast Jan 24, 2024

Going on the journey to find your true authentic self is a deeply personal and unique experience. It is marked by self-reflection and experimentation. But this journey is often not easy. Still, embracing the path of discovery leads to the ultimate reward of authenticity and the empowering confidence that comes with truly knowing who you are.

Meet Eva, a stay-at-home-mom turned burlesque dancer who, in the process, has also become an inspiration for women seeking to reclaim their sense of self and joy. Eva's journey into the world of burlesque began after motherhood, a time when she felt a disconnect from her personal identity and sought a path back to her own true self. With a background in dance and a natural comfort with her body, Eva found in burlesque not only an artistic outlet but also a tool for self-empowerment and healing.

Join me and Eva as we talk about:

  • How burlesque helped her reconnect with joy, creativity, and self-identity, especially after becoming a mother
  • The art form's role in empowering women, enabling them to explore and appreciate their bodies, and regain a sense of personal power and confidence
  • The concept of "Body Magic" as a practice of tuning into oneself and being comfortable in one's body
  • Her teaching approach in burlesque that is inclusive and empowering, welcoming students of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds
  • Focusing on building confidence and self-awareness in her classes, and the transformative impact these classes have on individuals
  • Her storytelling journey, a process that helped her appreciate the value of her life experiences, despite initially feeling they weren't "special" enough to share
  • Creating positive change and ripple effects in the people she has interacted with in her classes and through her stories

Eva’s journey is more than just about dance; it's a testament to the power of self-discovery and the courage to embrace one's true identity. Her story is a reminder that stepping out of our comfort zones and engaging with our passions can lead to extraordinary personal growth and fulfillment. Her experiences in burlesque, her approach to body positivity, and her commitment to teaching others underscore a universal message: embracing and loving ourselves as we are can unlock a world of confidence and joy.


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