My Closet Floor Moment of Darkness EP: 008

podcast Nov 04, 2020

In this solo episode, April is sharing her own Inside Story around a time when she felt hopeless and afraid. She shares the painful experience of losing the facade of financial security when her husband walked away from a very toxic business partnership.

As a young mom to two small children, and living life over 1000 miles away from nearest family, April spiraled into a dark hole of fear. It wasn’t until a defining moment on her closet floor, and the story of another woman that acted as a beacon of light was she able to find her way out.

Don’t miss this inspiring, vulnerable, and oh-so-real story. It will leave you inspired and telling your own internal monsters to go to hell.

In this episode, she shares:

  • What fear sounded like and how the voice fed her lies she believed
  • A defining moment when her mother drew a hard line in the sand
  • How another woman’s story helped her see where she had gone astray
  • A critical decision she made in the middle of the night while standing in her closet, hiding from her children.
  • 5 simple steps you can take if you are struggling with fear and anxiety
  • The amazing journey towards rebuilding her family’s life and how differently things looked in the span of a year.
  • The power of one person sharing their story, and how it can end up being someone else’s survival guide.

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