The Art of Receiving with Patty Lennon EP: 007

podcast Oct 28, 2020

Today’s topic is one I’m really excited about! Today I chat with Patty Lennon, intuitive business coach, about the Art of Receiving. Patty shares her own story (complete with some unexpected twists and turns) of how she learned to receive more for herself. We cover a ton of great information in today’s episode—so get ready to learn everything you need to know about receiving and how it plays a role in our lives.   

Some of the topics Patty and I discuss:    

  • How Patty’s Irish Catholic background and her career in banking both played a role in her initial resistance to receiving
  • How our brains are wired to increase our propensity for caretaking and giving while simultaneously diminishing the areas primed to receive
  • A pivotal conversation with a co-worker that helped Patty realize she could leave her banking job and still remain a good person
  • When Patty determined that coaching would be her new career
  • The first time Patty recognized her intuitive gifts and the insight she had at that moment
  • Do we all have intuitive gifts? Patty explains what she believes
  • The different kinds of intuitive gifts and how each is manifested
  • The impact in Patty’s life and business after her mom died
  • Key lessons from going through intense loss—and how those events changed Patty, allowing her to live without fear of loss today
  • The 3 levels of receiving and how they are related to quality of life
  • The critical lesson Patty learned from her dad after he passed that was the catalyst to The Receiving School—and the remarkable result
  • Why trying to bypass negative emotions can actually short circuit the entire process of receiving (and why it’s okay to feel like you do about negative situations, even the current pandemic)
  • Everything you need to know about Patty’s Receiving School (it’s not just “woo”—lots of fact-based brain science involved as well!)

Many thanks to Patty for bringing her wisdom, gifts and stories to The Inside Story today.  I think The Receiving School itself is a gift, helping you to really see the value of receiving more into your life, on all levels.

What are your thoughts about receiving? Are you able to receive without feeling you must return the favor? Are you open to all levels of receiving in your life? Some things to think about as we continue to work on being open to all the possibilities of receiving available to us.


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