Sharing Your Story on the Big Stage with Melanie Spring EP: 027

podcast Mar 24, 2021

Today’s episode with international keynote speaker and public speaking trainer Melanie Spring is such a good one!

She takes us on her journey from being a brand strategist interviewing companies and finding out what made them work (hint: it has something to do with stories!), to becoming a public speaker and trainer who helps other people bring their stories to the big stage.

I had such a fun and enlightening conversation with Melanie, and I invite you to listen in as we talk about:

  • How she unexpectedly found her passion in teaching people how to say what they need or want to say
  • Her life-changing retreat that goes beyond public speaking, and allows people to find out what’s standing between them and who they want to be
  • What she feels are the things holding people back from sharing their stories and making an impact on stage
  • Being an introvert and why her personality makes her good at what she does
  • A major tip she has for anyone who is getting ready to speak on stage (this is a good one!!)
  • Coming in with a “you’re welcome” attitude instead of just saying “sorry” all the time
  • Her message about storytelling which resonated with me so much!

Stories are at the core of human existence. In each one of us, there is an innate need to connect with others and we can do that through the power of storytelling. And as Melanie and I agree: your story matters! So go ahead and share your story today, and see what unfolds for you.



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