Using Story with Intention with Brittany Clayborne EP: 023

podcast Feb 17, 2021

When life gives you a series of unfortunate events, throwing in the towel seems like the easiest thing to do. But for Brittany Clayborne, admitting defeat wasn’t an option. She chose to push through everything that was put in her path and as a result, is now living out her soul’s purpose. She’s using her voice to tell her incredible story, and create awareness and intention in those who hear her words.

Today’s episode resonates with me so much because it reminds me of my own conviction and message to other women: to stop waiting for the perfect moment, and to ask for the big story and receive it with arms wide open.

So join me and Brittany as we have a deep — and at times funny — conversation about:

  • Her journey from being diagnosed with Peripartum Cardiomyopathy or PPCM and getting a pacemaker
  • Going through heart failure seven times before getting a mechanical device to help her weakening heart
  • Spending 9 months at the hospital away from her son, and what she was still able to accomplish during this difficult time
  • Being told she needed a heart transplant and feeling the kind of fear that almost made her give up
  • Waiting a year to return to normal life after surgery, only to be dealt with another blow to her health
  • The importance of taking action and having a mindset that is aligned with your intention
  • Asking God to use her for his ministry at the age of 17, and holding on to his promise that she will get through her ordeal to be an instrument for his plans
  • The tree analogy and waiting for your season to come, growing at your own pace, and finding out what you were created to do (I absolutely LOVED THIS!) 
  • Women’s empowerment and what it means to have a woman of color now hold one of the highest offices in U.S. history
  • What Brittany is doing to practice self-awareness in the coming year and growing more into the kind of person she has always wanted to be

My take-away from Brittany’s story is that we shouldn’t wait for devastating experiences to happen before we realize our purpose, set our intentions, and really live our lives to the fullest.

Let’s begin today. The time is now.


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