Recharging Your Creative Juices EP: 015

podcast Dec 23, 2020

We’ve all been there: days when our creativity just flows so naturally -- even magically! -- and we are so inspired that the ideas come one after the other without any effort.

Then one day, it all disappears. We lose the enthusiasm to create anything, we feel uninspired, and we don’t know how to get back into our groove again.

This is the ebb and flow of creativity and yes, my friends, I say “we” because I’ve been through this process, too. In fact, I felt like I was pulling from a dry well as I thought of what I wanted to talk about this week on the Podcast. And if you ask what helped me get out of the rut, then I invite you to tune in as I share with you how I unclogged my drain and let the creativity flow freely again.

In this episode, I fill you in on:

  • The 7 go-to exercises I practice to recharge my creative juices
  • The book by Julia Cameron that has helped me and many others on their journey to meaningful and creative journaling
  • The time in my career I felt completely washed up, and was going about my work on autopilot mode, not really knowing and understanding what I should do next
  • How the idea and concept of LIGHTbeamers came about, and why I feel this is the greatest creative expression of my life so far
  • How being able to recharge yourself can help you be of highest service not only to others and those you serve, but also to yourself

What I share with you in this episode is meant to guide and help you get your creative juices flowing again. But more than that, I hope these practices also re-energize you as you go through life in general and not just in creative endeavors, and help you re-discover your higher purpose.

It would be amazing if the feeling of being inspired and driven can stay with us always. When it’s not there, take a deep breath and relax … because that feeling will come again. You already know the different ways to get your groove back. You just have to do it.


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