The Quarantine Queen with Minou Hexspoor EP: 014

podcast Dec 16, 2020

When Minou Hexspoor and her husband found themselves trapped at home in Beirut at the start of the quarantine, a simple idea for a photo took them on an unexpected journey of documenting fun and different experiences … right from their living room! What began as a seemingly random Instagram post to commemorate Mother’s Day during quarantine, became a 60-day photo project that featured different movie characters, a day at the beach, a safari, fishing trip, and even camping!

But more than just setting up intricate and detailed scenes to post in social media, Minou realized that there was power in what she calls “practical imagination”. And ultimately, she found that the photos held more meaning than just being creative; to her and to many who went on the journey with her, the photos became instruments to teach JOY even during these challenging times.

So listen in as Minou and I exchange thoughts and insights on:

  • How the photo project first started out as just a fun thing to do, but later on led to an incredible way to connect with people all around the world during a time when connections seemed impossible
  • What practical imagination is, and how we all need to just let go sometimes and allow ourselves to have some fun!
  • Using the power of your mind to consciously create moments and experiences of joy in your life, no what matter circumstances you find yourself in
  • Life as a playground and how we create healthy boundaries to make our playground a place for us to thrive
  • Realizing what was holding her back, and understanding that she only had to have the courage to be herself and tell her story, in order to connect genuinely with those around her
  • Documenting the story behind the quarantine photos, which will now be released through the book, Quarantine Queen by Minou Hexspoor

2020 has been such a crazy year for all of us. But looking back, I think we can safely say we were also blessed with moments of joy and positive interactions that we need to be grateful for. We know challenges and difficult moments will present themselves one way or another, but it’s up to us to find the good in these situations and inspire joy in ourselves, and in others.

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