The Best Story You Will Ever Tell EP: 010

podcast Nov 18, 2020

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.”

- Robert Holden

We know the quote above to be true, but how often do we remind ourselves that we are amazing human beings, that we are worthy, and that self-love is our super power? Probably not often enough, which is why hearing my Mastermind coach George Bryant talk about the relationship between how we see ourselves and being successful in life just floored me.

In today’s episode of The Inside Story, I share with you:

  • The 5-minute exercise George discussed in his podcast (which you should also subscribe to, by the way, because it’s awesome) that will probably make you uncomfortable at first, but will eventually give you the boost that you need
  • How we are the ones holding ourselves back and getting in the way of our own growth
  • Why I knew I had to take immediate action, and my decision to share it live with the LIGHTBeamers community
  • The ripple effect of my Facebook Live that encouraged members of my community to take inspired action
  • How self-love and going back to the simple truth of what makes you a fantastic person can give you a sense of purpose, and the confidence to live your best life now
  • A special invitation to do the exercise, and share your self-love creed with our community

So take a quick minute and listen in as I talk about the practice of looking inward, acknowledging the wonderful person that you are, and sharing the best story you will ever tell.

In need of a little encouragement? Here is the live video I shared with my LIGHTBeamers community:

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