Stop Drinking the Dirty Water


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If I handed you a glass full of dirty water, would you drink it??

My guess is most of you — actually, I hope all of you — would say, “No way, April” …
For the record, I wouldn’t either.

Hold this thought for a minute of dirty water, because it’s a really great visual for the storytelling concept I want to share with you.

I talk to women on a daily basis — women I’m interviewing, women inside my Community, my private clients… and as we talk about their story, at some point or another we have to address the dirty water — which represents the negative thoughts they are filling their mind.

Thoughts like — "my story isn’t good enough."

"No one will care, they don’t want to listen to me share my story."

"My story is boring/not important/not worthy."

"What will other people think?? What if they think I’m crazy, or stupid, or full of myself?"

These thoughts are just dirty water.

Think of your mind as an empty glass…. and what you're putting into your mind is going into that glass. When you have these negative thoughts about yourself, and about your story --  the fear starts to take hold and it stops you from getting your story out into the world.

I want you to see all of it as one big giant glass of dirty water.

You already admitted you wouldn’t drink a glass of dirty water if I handed it to you, so why then would you allow your mind to drink this stuff? 

I want this visual of dirty water to get your attention, because it's the junk that is holding you back from stepping forward in your life, taking action, doing the damn thing you’ve been wanting to go do…. and showing up bravely to share the story that goes along with it.

Now imagine a big tall glass of crystal clear cold water.




Inside that gorgeous glass of water floats your story….. It tastes so good.
It replenishes the thirst. 

Stop letting fear, judgement, doubt and worry stop you short.

Stop drinking dirty water.

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