The Snake Oil of Marketing with Dan Russell EP: 115

podcast Nov 30, 2022

When you’re a small business owner or a solopreneur, there are so many challenges you need to face when it comes to marketing. Some of these are your budget, the kind of marketing strategy to implement, the time constraints, and even the type of agency or person you need to get on board to help you with what you need. All of this can become so … overwhelming.

Enter Dan Russell. Dan is the author of the book Snake Oil: Genuine Marketing in an Age of Cure-Alls, and he takes us back to the basics of marketing and helps us focus on the more important areas.

I invite you to join me and Dan today, as we talk about:

  • Running a marketing agency for nine years and developing an intuition for marketing campaigns that work
  • How “baffling” and “overwhelming” the marketing industry has become – and how it all comes back to the basic principles of marketing
  • Why figuring out your core messaging is the starting point for any marketing strategy
  • Dan’s message of encouragement and his marketing advice for business owners
  • What’s coming up next for Dan

Handling marketing challenges is a part of every business owner’s life. But because marketing is the key to reaching your revenue goals, you have to double down on what’s going to be worth your time, your money, and your focus. So go back to the principles, understand what you need to do, and be on your way to achieving those goals.


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