Community Q’s / April Answers! EP: 082

podcast Apr 13, 2022

What do you do when you completely miss creating a plan for your podcast episode that’s set to be released in 2 days? Well, you run to your friends -- aka your Community -- and ask them for help!!

And that’s exactly what I did! Having no specific topic for this week’s episode, I decided to make it interactive by having friends ask me questions that I would answer on the show. So I turned to the LIGHTbeamers Community, told them what was happening and what I intended to do, and boy oh boy, did I get some fantastic Qs!!

So I invite you to join me today as I answer questions ranging from how to handle pressure to what’s the best thing about our family’s recent move … truly a mixed bag of nuts!!

Here are the contributors to this week’s episode, and their Qs:

  • Ashley DeLuca asks: how do you handle the pressure to do all the things? (Timely? I know!!)
  • Rachel Marie Nelson wants to know: why the color yellow?
  • Another one from Rachel: how do you draw stories out of others?
  • Leanne Smith: what was a limiting belief that was smashed during the book launch of Elevate Your Voice?
  • From Melinda Kunst and also Leanne Smith: what is my go-to way of unwinding and what does being slow and present mean to me?
  • Becky Burroughs: what was the criteria I used to decide what to stop doing or how did I decide what sort of things to hand off to my team?
  • Julie: what has been the best thing about your recent move?

This turned out to be such a fun episode to record because I got to talk about and answer YOUR choice of topics and questions. If not for the predicament I found myself in, I may have not had the chance to discuss these things with you!

Again, thank you to the wonderful ladies of the LIGHTbeamers Community for helping out this week and if there’s anything else you want to ask me, let’s keep this going inside the group! 

And if you’re not in there yet, I’m inviting you to join the LIGHTbeamers Community on Facebook. It’s a safe space for everyone to learn storytelling, share their stories, and connect with other LIGHTbeamers.


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