Community Highlights: Make Kind Loud with Louisa Garrett EP: 080

podcast Mar 30, 2022

Community Highlights is a series I do on The Inside Story Podcast to showcase the amazing LIGHTbeamers who shine their light for others. And one of those people is Louisa Garrett, who is doing what she can to spread love and sow kindness out in the world.

But Louisa would be the first to tell you that being kind didn’t always come easy to her. In fact, 10 years ago, kindness was something she didn’t practice, and sarcasm was her norm.

So what changed?

Louisa shares her journey with me today, and I invite you to listen in as she and I talk about:

  • The type of person she was before, always ready to dish out comebacks and clapbacks
  • How her 15-year old niece became the voice in her head that urged her to re-think actions
  • Starting her movement #MakeKindLoud with the belief that everyone is a good person at their very core
  • How the events of 2020 made her dig deeper to find her real purpose in life
  • Why showing up every single day matters in making an impact on someone
  • Knowing “what’s in your cup” and what’s going to spill out when life bumps you

I often hear and see this line: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” And I believe this with all my heart. We get to choose how we show up and respond to what life throws at us. So choose love. Treat everyone with kindness. And let’s #MakeKindLoud enough that it echoes beyond our chambers.

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