Ep200 - Celebrating 200 Episodes with our Favorite Friends!

podcast Jul 10, 2024

Join us for a special celebration as we mark the 200th episode of The Inside Story Podcast!

Reflecting on three and a half years of weekly episodes, I share the power of storytelling and the importance of community. 

And today, several members of the Lightbeamers community join me to share their transformative journeys through storytelling. These guests highlight how the podcast and community support have boosted their confidence and ability to share their stories. Their heartfelt testimonies underscore the profound impact of storytelling on personal and professional growth.

Join me today for this one of a kind episode as we share:

  • The journey and impact of The Inside Story podcast plus the Lightbeamers Community
  • The enduring importance of storytelling as a way to connect, inspire, and transform
  • Heartfelt testimonials from Lightbeamers and how the podcast and the community have boosted their confidence and ability to share their stories
  • Transformative journeys of Lightbeamers, from overcoming fears to embracing new opportunities and finding joy in sharing their experiences

This 200th episode is a testament to the incredible power of storytelling and the vibrant community we’ve built around The Inside Story Podcast. As we celebrate this significant milestone, we invite you to tune in every week for new episodes filled with inspiring stories and valuable insights. Remember, your story matters, and by sharing it, you can create a positive impact in the world. Join us in this storytelling journey and be part of a community that believes in the transformative power of every voice.


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