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There’s an aspect of storytelling I want to focus on to help you really hone in on a specific area of your story you shouldn't overlook…. your Transformation. 

In telling your story, I suggest you follow this simple formula: Start with your Before (which is some sort of historical context that sets the stage for your story), then you work your way to and through the Transformation, which explains a big shift/ a change/ an 360 in perspective, and then you end with the Other Side, which is where you figure out the lessons you learned in the process and the message you want to share with others.

Most people are pretty good at the Before and After part…. but it’s the Transformation piece they leave out. 

The reason why your transformation is so important is because other people are desperately seeking it. 

I was listening to James Wedmore’s Mind Your Business podcast this weekend, and he was talking about the very thing our clients, customers, and audience members are after…. they are seeking the transformation.

If you sell skin care— your clients are not looking for a cream to put on their face. They are looking for the RESULTS that cream will bring. 

If you are a chiropractor — your patients don’t really care which section of their body you manipulate.— they just want to feel better

If you sell digital products — nobody really wants to buy one more online course and sit down and consume the information… it’s the transformation we hope to have that drives us to purchase and consume. 

This is why sharing your own transformations is so important… and why sharing your story is critical to connecting with your audience.

How can you use your story to exhibit the transformation that’s possible for your audience? Dig into that …. and your story will elevate to a whole new level.

I want to give a quick shout out to listener Colleen — who recently left a review on Amazon for this flash briefing. Colleen wrote: "In this day, where we're bombarded with messages, it's more important than ever to 'connect' with people. April tells us how to formulate our stories in a way that's authentic, in a way that will help us really connect with each other. 'What's Your Story?' Alexa Flash Briefing is a breath of fresh air everyday. I'm listening and learning how to bring my story out into the world so I can connect with my customers in a real, memorable and heartfelt way".

Thank you so much Colleen for the 5-star review. And thanks for tuning in. I’m so thrilled these daily tips and lessons are helping you bring your story to life in your business.

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