A Widow's Walk with Natalie Reid-Knutson EP: 129

podcast Mar 08, 2023

There are almost one million women who become widows each year in the US. And the grief of losing a spouse can overwhelm anyone to the point of not knowing how to pick up the pieces and start over again.

When today’s guest, Natalie Reid-Knutson, went on a Colorado expedition with her husband and their three sons, little did she know that it would be their last. The tragedy that hit their family two days after they returned home brought a different kind of grief to Natalie, and how she found a way to live life again to the fullest is nothing short of extraordinary and inspiring.

Listen in as Natalie shares with us:

  • Who she was before she started Broken Halos Haven
  • How her parody video of Johnny Cash became the start of her career as a blogger
  • The events leading up to August 14th and why she felt that God was in the middle of everything that happened
  • How a trip to New York with her sons became the inspiration for Broken Halos Haven, a place for new widows and their kids to step forward and make new memories
  • The line from Lysa TerKeurst’s book “It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way” that made her realize how, by sharing her story, she’s helping other women
  • How you can support her mission of empowering and building the confidence of widows and their families

Remember, everyone's grief journey is unique, and there is no one "right" way to grieve. But when you’re able to use your own experience of grief to help others, you can find meaning and purpose in your own journey and bring joy and hope to those who are struggling.


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